Just a thought….

Have you ever considered a musical score and it how sounds differently when played by a proficient beginner or a professional musician.  What comes straight out of the camera is like a musical score.

...just 1's and 0's artfully arranged

…just 1’s and 0’s artfully arranged

After the shutter is released, an ordered Master print undergoes  custom processing to maximize the color and contrast for the image.  In addition, a master portrait artist enhances the subject’s features while softening and/or removing wrinkles, dark circles and blemishes.

This level of customized processing and retouching is included for digital files ordered along with custom portraits and full camera resolution files.

The image is then sent to a professional portrait laboratory.  Prints are developed on professional grade paper especially designed for portraiture and capable of capturing the subtle details in the image. Online printing services cater to an average audience of images from snapshots to landscapes and offer one type of general printing.

At a professional  lab and upon arrival in my studio, image prints are individually hand inspected and prepared for your delivery.   Do you know what to look for?