return to the US

– Genuine and Uncensored – 
Recently a mother returned after 13 years, 
A long time ago in a portrait studio far, far away….

she told me  how much daily enjoyment she receives viewing her son and daughter’s portrait.   In those brief moments, this mother gets to go back in time and feel them all over again.


So she came back to create a similar memory to capture them as they are today.

2011 during her senior portrait session.


You have chosen to leave your family a wonderful gift, a permanent reminder of your relationships, of your lives’ milestones to treasure for a long long time. 


I’m an open person… known to do some pretty silly things to get you to smile – Images that reveal something “genuine and uncensored”.

Two happy kids with an out-of-control Dad.
After 22 years, I still walk in fresh – wanting to do an awesome job. 


I’ll be returning to the US at the end of August for a short period. Please do not hesitate to call 610-662-0100, email or text for your family’s portrait session.


PS: My son came to visit!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.  Take care,



or send me a text – they travel all the way across the Atlantic at no charge!

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