Le Pan, L’Amour et Le Chocolat

This past weekend at Place Nationelle, Italian week culminating in a love fest…well kind of.  There was more frommage and furniture than chocolatiers. However, the ones that were there gave out some awesome samples.  Give your honey an extra hug and a squeeze today.

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Just a Little Rusty

The bathroom door squeak can sound rather intense in the middle of the night.  Nothing a little can of WD40 can’t fix.  (side note:  not easily found for a reasonable price) Little did I know I’d be wanting to use same on my brain later today.

20120205-0962 Marco

As I was dusting the shelves, the light visible coating on my lenses jolted me. It had been over a month since I photographed with a purpose.  So tonight before dinner, sensing my dismay, M suggested we go out for a shoot.  Why not?  Many of the details in becoming an official French resident were almost complete.

The goal was to use existing street  and window illumination for the images…and attempt to consistently set a correct white balance as we moved to new locations.

Silent Stranger

Well we were both reluctant subjects…but well …we were all we had.

Looking for the light, juiced me up but all my images of M were rather the same – nicely composed but still in the “box”.   So I’m just a little rusty.

I was quite taken by the one of me that was a “mistake”.

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