portrait_family_children052-crist_7245finalHow would you like to go to work next week and not be paid?

That is exactly what happens when you copy or reproduce professional photographs or music or a concert.

As an artist, I have devoted years to learning my craft,

and have invested in the facilities, equipment and education necessary to create something special.  The company who runs the copy station and  the photolab that makes your print gets to profit from my work and my skill.

portrait_family_children057-crist_9038Copying reflects poorly on the reputation of my work, as I no longer have control over the quality of the sharpness, clarity, color or cropping of the image.

I sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping me to remain around so I can continue to provide quality portraiture in your future.

 …just because it’s easy to copy my work  doesn’t mean you should

…besides it’s bad karma.

…and if you do post your images please acknowledge their source